Here you can find the most frequent questions we receive. If we don’t answer your question here, please send us a message.

What exactly is »be«?

»be« is the digital imprint of Bastei Lübbe, one of Germany’s largest publishing houses. Based in Cologne, Bastei Lübbe AG employs 335 people. With an annual turnover of 104.9 Million Euro, it is the largest mid-sized family business on the German publishing scene. The media house was founded more than 60 years ago and is led by board members Carel Halff (CEO),  Klaus Kluge and Ulrich Zimmermann.

What does »be« publish?

»be« publishes ebooks in German as well as English. We distribute digitally around the world. Our focus is crime and suspense as well as love and romance. We are especially interested in trilogies or multiple books in a series. We publish debut authors, as well as those with experience. While we prefer to receive complete manuscripts, feel free to send an outline and sample pages.

Will »be« publish my manuscript in German?

We look for manuscripts with the express goal of being able to publish authors both in English and in German. Of course the story must appeal to both English and German readers. If your manuscript is selected for publication in English and deemed a good fit for our German audience, we will pay for the translation costs into German, and authors receive royalties – and a whole new audience of readers – from the translation, as well.

Why a digital label?

At »be« we know there are many great stories – and brilliant authors – waiting to find the right audience. We believe that ebooks deserve the same respect as traditional books. As the digital imprint of Bastei Lübbe, we help authors break into the English and the German audience, two of the largest book markets in the world. Our editors work personally with authors to help refine their manuscripts for publication. Our design team creates the perfect cover, our sales team distributes the book to various stores around the world, and our marketing team helps get the word out. We also help authors garner licensing in foreign languages. With ebooks we are close to our readership and can quickly adapt – as well as set – new reading trends.

Can I submit a manuscript to »be«?

Please do! We’re excited to hear about your ideas. You can use our submissions form.

Why should I submit a manuscript to »be«?

We believe in our authors. Because we carefully select and invest ourselves in each manuscript that gets published, we aren’t able to publish every proposal we receive. But we promise to review each and every submission and to discuss it with our editorial team. We offer authors a close relationship, as well as professional editing and proofreading. We also provide cover designs, as well as distribution and marketing services. We also help authors to get licensed in foreign languages.